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Cool Links for Extra Learning Support

The following links are provided for classroom teachers and parents who would like to provide additional enrichment activities and/or practice opportunities for students.  Disclaimer: Links to websites outside of the Monroe County School System do not imply endorsement of the sites, nor any products, approaches, or ideas, etc. found on the actual sites but are being provided as a resource that might be of benefit when considering a child's learning needs.
Prodigy is completely free for teachers!  The site provides great supplemental activities/games that cover over 1,200 crucial math skills for students in grades 1 - 8.
Mr. Nussbaum is a great source for educational games, learning supports, videos, and printables for students in PreK through Sixth grade.

Puzzle Maker

Create and print free, customized Word Search, Criss-Cross, Math Puzzles, Cryptograms, and more using your own word lists.


Flash Card Exchange 

Create, edit, print, or share flash cards for educational use.  Sign up for a free account.


Discovery Education

Access free virtual field trips, academic supports, and even free lesson plans.



Provides a limited number of free academic reinforcement games on a wide range of subjects.


Study Ladder

Standard access to this site is free and has over 5,000 educational activities covering 10 different topics (including personal safety). 


Together Counts

This site promotes active, healthy living for families and classrooms and is a good source for PreK - Grade 5 lesson plans incorporating wellness, health, nutrition, and fitness into daily activities.


Seimans STEM Day

Great website for accessing lesson plans and activities that address science, technology, engineering, and mathematics for all grades.


NASA Kids' Club

Superb resources for supporting science education including studies of our solar system, space exploration, and more.  Plus, see live views from the International Space Station and Hubble Telescope.



This website provides free activities to reinforce nearly every math topic imaginable, from basic elementary math to Calculus.



Providing free lessons in over 30 world languages, this site is a great resource to support students who are struggling to acquire foreign language skills or as an enrichment site for younger students with advanced language abilities.