Policies, Plans, & Procedures Portal

Welcome to the Policies, Plans, & Procedures Portal


This portal provides easy access to our district's policies, plans, and procedures. Organized for easy navigation, it includes guidelines on school operations, strategic planning documents, and procedural instructions. Our goal is to ensure transparency and provide essential information for our community. Select a category using the table of contents, or by clicking the link in each category's description below.

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Our Board Policies are hosted on tsba.net, the Tennessee School Boards Association (TSBA) site. This ensures our policies are up-to-date, accessible, and compliant with state regulations. TSBA provides a centralized repository for transparency and consistency across Tennessee school districts, reflecting our commitment to effective governance and accountability.

District Plans & Procedures

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Our District Plans & Procedures encompass guidelines and regulations that impact the entire school district. These policies are designed to ensure uniformity and fairness across all our schools, supporting a cohesive and efficient educational environment. Covering emergency protocols, academic strategies, and more, these guidelines ensure the smooth operation and safety of our schools, fostering a productive educational environment.

Staff Policies

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Our Staff Policies support and guide the conduct and responsibilities of all district employees. Covering ethical standards, professional development, workplace safety, and benefits, these policies foster a positive work environment and promote excellence. We ensure every staff member has the knowledge and resources to succeed and contribute to our district's mission.

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Our Student Policies ensure a safe, supportive, and equitable learning environment. They cover academic expectations, behavior standards, attendance, and extracurricular activities. By outlining student rights and responsibilities, we promote well-being and academic success, fostering a respectful and inclusive community.

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Our School Policies are tailored to each specific school, addressing the unique needs and environment of every institution. This page provides links to individual school policy pages, ensuring that students, parents, and staff can easily access relevant guidelines and regulations for their respective schools.