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Parent Tools & Resources

What is the Parent Toolbox?
This page and all its subpages are what we call the "Parent Toolbox" - a collection of pages and resources to inform the community about the various "tools" available to them. 
What do I need to do before I can sign up for certain Parent Tools?
To sign up and use certain parent tools, such as the official Monroe County Schools app, your email must be linked to your student's account in Skyward. This is so we can confirm that the person signing up for these tools is actually the parent or guardian of the student. 
To request changes to your student's Skyward account, including linking a parent's email, you can fill out a Parent Information Update Form. This will send a request to the appropriate school to update a parent's information for a student's account, and can include adding or changing a parent's email! To access the Parent Information Update Forms, click the button below this section.
If you are not sure if your account is linked to your student, you may contact the school's counselor to inquire. You can also go ahead and fill out a form, and if your email is already linked, no action will be taken. There may be more opportunities to link your email to your student's account, such as during enrollment, transfers, and during Chromebook rollout!
Once your account is linked in Skyward, you may proceed to sign up for tools such as the official Monroe County Schools App, Skyward Family Access, and Qustodio. For more information on how to do so for each specific tool, check out each of their pages using the table of contents on this page!
What is a "Parent Tool"?
We believe in giving parents the tools they need to be informed and involved in their student's learning experience.
A parent tool could be...
Or, a parent tool can be a page of information or links to resources - anything that might benefit the parent in regard to their child's learning!