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Staff Tools & Resources

What is the Staff Toolbox?
The Staff Toolbox is an assortment of resources and digital tools designed to help you succeed. Here you will find a variety of tools and resources to assist you here at Monroe County Schools!
Looking for our Teacher Toolbox?
Our Teacher Toolbox is our collection of guides and resources curated just for teachers!
These tools include information about teacher accountability, the TEAM teacher evaluation framework, pacing guides, and much more.
Educator Resources
Skyward Login:  Monroe County's student management system
Assessment Resources
TN Ready Practice Tests and Item Samplers:   Click here to access TN Ready practice tests and item samplers by grade level.
Clever: This portal gives both teachers and students one-stop access to most digital resources provided by Monroe County Schools.
AIMs Web Plus:  Tennessee provides AIMs Web Plus for all K-3 students to be used as a screening/progress monitoring tool.  Our district has chosen to use it to screen and monitor students in 4th - 8th grade and high school RTI as well.  Because it is a state-provided program, the state has also provided on-demand and live webinars to support educators as we implement and use the program.
Scroll down to 2. Training and Implementation.  Click the arrow next to either On-Demand Webinars or Live Webinars to see what is offered. 
Instructional Resources
These resources encompass all subjects. Visit the Menu bar to the right to access resources sorted by subject. -   Tennessee's resources are stored at this site.  Click "Login" to set up your account. Units, lessons, and resources organized by standard and can be accessed through this site.
Tennessee Department of Education:  Tennessee's Department of Education website offers a number of essential resources.
Clever: This portal gives both teachers and students one-stop access to most digital resources provided by Monroe County Schools.
Renaissance Learning:  This website is the gateway to Accelerated Reader tests.  We also use this site as our screening and progress monitoring tool at the high school level. 
TEAM and Licensure Resources
TEAM Rubrics - Tennessee Department of Education's TEAM pages will help you better understand teacher evaluation and access TEAM rubrics.
TEAM Lesson Plan Template Example:  Monroe County does not mandate a specific lesson plan.  This template, however, encompasses all of the criteria listed in the TEAM rubric.
TNCompass login – Educator evaluation and licensure information
AIMs Web Plus TEAM 15% Achievement Measure Calculator (spreadsheet):  Instructions for using this spreadsheet are on the first tab including a link to a screencast.