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Chromebook Program

Welcome to the landing page for the Monroe County Schools 1:1 Chromebook Program! Here, you will find all the information you need about how students receive their Chromebooks, what parents need to know about their child’s Chromebook, proper Chromebook usage, and more.

See the information below for an explanation for each section regarding Chromebooks. To navigate to that section, either click the included link, or click the image on the right-hand side of the section!
A checklist against a blue background
Need to know how to recieve a Chromebook next year? Check out this section for a one-pager on exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it!
This page offers an easy-to-follow guide on the steps to to take. This page also contains a printable one-pager to share with friends and family!
A speak bubble containing the word "FAQ" surrounded by other textless speech bubbles, against a blue background

This page goes over frequently asked questions regarding our Chromebook program! If you've got some specific questions about Chromebooks, Chromebook chargers, fees, or procedures, this is a great place to check!
As we get new and different questions or inquiries, we may add them to the FAQ page over time. Be sure to check back occasionally for updates!
An agreement with a stamp against a blue background

This page contains links to this year's Chromebook Agreement and our Student Acceptable Use of Technology Policy.
From here, you can either digitally sign the Chromebook Agreement, or you can print off a copy to sign and turn in during your school's Chromebook rollout!
A hand holding up dollar bills against a blue background
This section contains all the information regarding the different fees & payment options associated with the Chromebook program.
It also contains links & guides for our online payment platform for the annual technology fee!
A computer monitor displaying various charts and graphs, against a blue background
Here you can find an explanation of how we monitor Chromebooks to ensure the safety of all students.
This page also contains links to how we share these tools with parents so they can have a more hands-on method of monitoring their child's Chromebook activity.