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Technology Assistance

For Students

If you are having trouble with technology, please reach out to your school's tech lead for assistance. Every school has a tech lead that is dedicated to helping students succeed!
Our Student Toolbox is also available, with plenty of resources and useful links to help you get what you need!

For Parents

We have many tools and resources available in our Parent Toolbox to help! Our Parent Toolbox includes in-depth explanations for many of our accounts and systems available for parents. To help us assist you with your specific issue, please visit the Parent Toolbox and visit the page of the system you are having issues with. From there, we will direct you to the best place to resolve your issue!
For issues specific to receiving or turning in Chromebooks as part of our Chromebook Program, please use the link below to visit our Chromebook Program page! This page contains guides and resources for Chromebooks, including detailed guides on what to do to recieve your Chromebook at the beginning of the year, the tools we use to keep your child safe, and more!

For Staff

If you are having technology issues, you can reach out to your school's tech lead for assistance! They are the school's direct contact for technology issues. You may also put in a ticket directly to the Technology Department and they will be happy to assist! Each school has an assigned technician from the Technology Department that is dedicated to responding to and resolving tickets. If you have an urgent issue, reach out to your tech lead, and they will work with the Technology Department to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.
We also have plenty of handy resources on our Teacher Toolbox - these resources may help resolve your technology issue! You can also find trainings and how-to guides to help you use your classroom technology as effectively and efficiently as possible.