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Rooms Overview

Staff members may request to use rooms for trainings, meetings, and more! Our rooms are designed to be easy to use, and each room is set up to accomodate a wide variety of use cases. 
Each room has its own page with that particular room's information, availability, equipment, and any other special information that staff members may need to know when booking or using the room.
This page goes over the general information for all rooms - such as how to check the availability for rooms, how to book rooms, and quick-start guides for using equipment that is commonly found in Monroe County Schools bookable rooms. 
How to Check the Availability of a Room
There are multiple ways of checking the availability of any particular room. You can see events ahead of time, you can see events when booking the room, and you can see events for a particular day. 
To see all bookings for all rooms, click one of the buttons above!
You can see a particular room's booked events by visiting that room's page (by clicking the room's name on the blue table of contents on this page), and then clicking on one of the "Check Bookings" options at the top of the page. This option is also available directly from the MCS app!
You can also check current bookings when you are booking the room in Outlook. When booking a room, Outlook will automatically show you available times for the room you're booking for, along with available times for all invited attendees.  
Lastly, you can check to see if a room is immediately available by checking the touch screen "Scheduler" device, located just outside of the room itself. It will list all events for the current day, and if there is an event for the day, it will tell you how long the room will be available & bookable for. This is especially handy if you would like to use the room quickly without booking it in advance!
How to Book & Reserve a Room
To book the room for an event, you can create an event in your Outlook calendar and add the room's email address to the list of invited attendees, just like you would with your actual attendees. After you've added the room's email address, it will automatically show you the room's availability. If you've never created an event or meeting in Outlook, click here for a guide on how to do so.

To find a particular room's email address, click the room's page on the blue table of contents on this page. Each room's email address will be on that room's page, along with links to the room's availabilty calendar.

Once you've added the room's email address and created the event, your room booking request will be sent off for approval. Once approved, you will get a confirmation email, and the room will be booked. If for some reason your request is denied, you will get a follow-up email with more details.

When creating an event in Outlook, it's a good idea to include the virtual meeting link if you have it! That will make it easier to pull up the virtual meeting once you are in the room itself.
Booking a Room Using the Scheduler
You can also book the conference room for immediate use by using the touch screen "Scheduler" device, outside of the conference room itself. Simply use the on-screen instructions to book the room for however long you need it for. This requires no login and setup - anyone can use it! 

Once the room is booked in this way, you may either extend the amount of time the room will be used for, or release the room at any time by using the Scheduler again. When booking the room with the scheduler, it will add a booking to the availability calendars above titled as “Busy”, so others will know the room is occupied when trying to book it. Using the Scheduler is a great way to reserve the room as you're walking in!