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Great vision without great people is irrelevant. - Jim Collins

Because Monroe County Schools employees great people, we want your resources to be a click away.  Browse below and the menu bar at the right to access resources and information to help you as we pursue our vision.

Policies for Employees

Monroe County Schools Online Policy Manual

MyBenefitsChannel – Monroe County Schools employee benefits and paystubs are accessible through this site.

Educator Resources
Student Management - EduPoint
EduPoint Login:  Monroe County's student management system
TEAM and Licensure Resources
TEAM Rubrics - Tennessee Department of Education's TEAM pages will help you better understand teacher evaluation and access TEAM rubrics.
TNCompass login – Educator evaluation and licensure information

Instructional Resources
These resources encompass all subjects. Visit the Menu bar to the right to access resources sorted by subject. -   Tennessee's resources are stored at this site.  Click "Login" to set up your account. Units, lessons, and resources organized by standard can be accessed through this site.
Power School:  Interactive Achievement - PowerSchool  This assessment tool allows you to find or create assessments aligned to our standards and with a format similar to TNReady.
Thinklink Learning:  Discover Education Assessment and Videos offers a wide variety and subject-spanning videos, assessments, lessons, and learning games.
Tennessee Department of Education:  Tennessee's Department of Education website offers a number of essential resources.
Assessment Resources
Randa Solutions - Tennessee:  Educators who are accountable for scores from a state assessment have access to this site.  Under the Resources tab and "Training Resources" you can find practice tests for your grade level and subject.
TN Ready Practice Tests and Item Samplers:   Click here to access TN Ready practice tests and item samplers by grade level.
Power Schools: This platform has been purchased by our district to allow teachers to build and/or upload tests so that students' progress can be measured. 
CAB: Tennessee's State on-line practice test platform is CAB.  For more information, see the resources below:
  -  CAB Video Tutorial: This tutorial covers all aspects of CAB - accessing the program, creating a test, and creating a group. It also covers assigning and administering a test and scoring the test.
   - Checklist to Create and Administer CAB Tests:   This PDF will help you as you create and administer tests.
Communication Tools  Our school messenger system sends out calls to parents informing them of school-wide or district-wide events or information.
TransACT:  This site allows you to translate parent correspondences.