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ELA Resources

State Websites You Can't Live Without:
Tennessee's ELA Website: This site contains current standards and information regarding ELA instruction in Tennessee.
Tennessee Blueprints:  This link will take you to the current year's testing blueprints listed by subject and grade level .  What are testing blueprints? 
Assessment blueprints are designed to show educators a summary of what will be assessed in each grade, including a range of number of items that will address each strand of standards. This resource is designed to help educators as they plan for the upcoming school year.
- Writing Rubrics and Anchor Papers-  In order to prepare your students to be better writers and live up to state expectations, you must use the state writing rubrics.  Anchor papers also help you and your students understand what each level of writing looks like.  It's always good to have examples of each level posted in your room and to analyze the anchor papers with your class to understand why they represent the level.
 Assessment Resources:
TN Ready Practice Tests and Item Samplers:   Click here to access TN Ready practice tests and item samplers by grade level.
Power Schools: This platform has been purchased by our district to allow teachers to build and/or upload tests so that students' progress can be measured. 
CAB: Tennessee's State on-line practice test platform is CAB.  For more information, see the resources below:
  -  CAB Video Tutorial: This tutorial covers all aspects of CAB - accessing the program, creating a test, and creating a group. It also covers assigning and administering a test and scoring the test.
   - Checklist to Create and Administer CAB Tests:   This PDF will help you as you create and administer tests.
Other Resources:
- Core Knowledge:  This website has free units.  It is the basis for the Literacy Units the state is currently piloting.  There are a number of units K-5.
- Florida Center for Reading Research:  FCRR offers free instructional resources for teachers K-5 (although many of the word studies would be appropriate for lower 6-8 readers)  The centers are my favorite resources.
- Engage New York:  EngageNY is a site that has resources to support both ELA and Math instruction.  This site was created to assist NY teachers as they transitioned to Common Core Standards.  The Tennessee Department of Education links to many of their resources.
This Reading Mama has tips and links to free printables and posters that could be useful K-5 or to remediate skills with older students.
- Achieve the Core: Here you will find lessons, videos, and more to help you teach the Tennessee State Math and ELA Standards.
- North Carolina Public Schools ELA page:   North Carolina has gathered a number of quality resources.