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Student Policies & Procedures

This page contains all district-wide policies and procedures that primarily pertain to students. This page is for policies that apply to ALL schools. For school-specific policies, please see the "School Policies" section below.

Navigating to Different Policies

Each policy's page can be found in the blue table of contents, either to the right of this paragraph (on desktop) or at the bottom of the page (on mobile). There are also links to additional policy category pages below the table of contents. 

Board Policies

Our board policies can also contain specific policies meant for staff or students. If it exists as a board policy, it will only be found in the "Board Policies" section. Be sure to check our board policies as well if you're looking for something specific!

School Policies

A school might have specific policies that are on a school-by-school basis. To find any specific school policies, visit the school's "About" category on their school website!