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Studies show that parents' involvement in their child's education directly influences the child's academic achievement.  However, as a parent, it is often hard to know how to help.  This page contains resources to guide you as you try to help your child.
What Does A Teacher Expect?
Teachers, students, and parents share the responsibility of educating a child.  Below is a list of some expectations a teacher may have of parents:
- Develop a routine to help your child with homework.
- Visit Skyward Family Access to check on your child's grades and class/homework completion. You can get a username and password from your child's school. 
- Ensure that your child is at school and on time.  Plan vacations, trips, etc. during days off or after school.
- Make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast (or arrives at school in time to eat breakfast) each morning so he/she can be ready to learn.
- Schedule a bedtime so that your child is getting adequate sleep at night.
- Read to or with your child every day if possible. Research shows that reading 20 minutes each day with your child can greatly impact his/her reading ability.
    Links: News Story:  How reading 20 minutes a day impacts your
              Read20:  This website has resources to help as you read
                              with your child.
Tips for Parents 
Talk to your child about what is going on at school.  Try these conversation starters:
- Tell me about the best part of your day.
- What was the hardest thing you had to do today?
- Did you read anything good today?
- Who did you play with today? What did you do?
- Did you learn something new today? Was something interesting about your day?
- Can you show me something you learned or did today?
Request a Skyward Family Access Account
Skyward Family Access is our system to allow parents and guardians access to their students' grades, attendance, and discipline.  Find the Skyward Family Access block on your school website to request an account.