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Chromebook Monitoring & Parent Tools

This section outlines some of the various ways we ensure that students are properly monitored and protected against online threats, as well as some useful links detailing tools & resources for parents to use to stay informed about their students online journey.
Content Filtering through Linewize
Our Linewize content filter allows us to control what exactly your student can and cannot access on the internet. We can monitor network traffic and ensure that your child is only seeing what they need to see, when they need to see it. All Monroe County Schools Chromebooks are monitored by Linewize regardless of where or how the Chromebook is connected to the internet, to ensure that your student is always protected.
Parent Monitoring through Qustodio
Qustodio is a parental control solution to make it easier to keep your kids safe online and develop healthy digital habits. It enables you to supervise their device use and help them get screen time balance so you can help your kids be safer - and smarter - with their phones and computers.
Qustodio is enabled and controlled through our Linewize content filtering platform. This means parents can use some of the same tools that we use to monitor Chromebooks. 
The platform also allows you to use the service on your children's personal devices as an optional service. We can not and do not monitor devices enrolled in this way. Any non-Monroe County Schools devices manually enrolled using Qustodio are entirely on Qustodio's side - we don't see them whatsoever.
Please know that there is a specific link for Qustodio for schools vs. the normal Qustodio login! Use the top button below to go to the Qustodio for schools login/sign up page.
To sign up for Qustodio, your email address must be linked to your student in Skyward. Visit our Qustodio page using the bottom button below to learn more about this process.
Community Information through our Online Safety Hub
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The Monroe County Schools Online Safety Hub is where we inform parents of the types of content your students might be consuming. This platform contains detailed explanations about trends, games, and potential risks to look out for to ensure that your child is as safe as possible on their digital journey.
Classroom Monitoring through Classwize
Using our Linewize platform, teachers can also connect to and help students using Classwize. Classwize allows teachers to see and control their students' Chromebooks during their class times, to keep students safe and on task. The Classwize platform ensures that there are multiple levels of monitoring happening to ensure the digital safety of your student, including a real person that your student can see, talk with, and reach out to.
Safety Monitoring through GaggleGaggle
We have partnered with Gaggle to monitor student communications and documents. This system automatically alerts school and/or district administration when harmful content is detected. This content is automatically scanned and flagged before being sent to Gaggle representatives for analysis. Upon reviewing the content, it is then sent to administration here at Monroe County Schools.
Digital Citizenship through Neptune Navigate
Neptune Navigate
Neptune Navigate for Schools provides comprehensive online lessons customized for students and staff, making it easy to teach responsible Digital Citizenship, in the classroom or at home. In this day and age, Digital Citizenship is such an important concept for students to have a safe digital journey. Neptune Navigate is a program required by the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) to ensure that students have been educated and informed about appropriate online behavior.
SpeakUp Student Tipline through Gaggle
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Students can also use our SpeakUp tipline to report issues and to get help. SpeakUp can be used if a student is being bullied, has seen illicit materials and/or substances, or is in a mental crisis and needs support. These reports are handled through our Gaggle chain of command, and is monitored at both the school and district level, ensuring that your child's report does not go unnoticed.
For more information, visit our Crisis Assistance page by clicking the link below.