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Chromebook Fees & Payments

This section details the types of fees associated with the Chromebook program and how to pay them. 
How to Pay Fees
The technology fee can be paid either online or in-person. All other Chromebook-related fees must be paid in-person. To pay any fee in-person, you can bring either cash or check directly to the annual Chromebook rollout in the summer, or you can bring fees to the school or with your student during the school year. Checks should be made payable to Monroe County Schools. You can pay with a credit card in-person during the Chromebook rollout, but not during the school year.
To pay online, you can pay using the MyPaymentsPlus platform. This platform is the same platform used for lunch payments. You can access MyPaymentsPlus either via the app, or using the black button below.
The online payment option for Chromebooks for the 24-25 school year will go live in June, and is not currently available. We will announce when support for online payments go live for all schools!
Technology Fee
The technology fee is an annual $35 fee that supports the Monroe County Schools Chromebook Program. This fee supports the programs that each and every student uses to further their education.

The technology fee can be paid either online leading up to Chromebook rollout, or in-person. 

Repair fees and replacement fees can only be paid in-person via cash or check. Once school begins, all technology fees are also paid in-person as well.
Students who are enrolled in the Monroe County Virtual School do not have to pay the technology fee. See the "Monroe County School Virtual School Fees" section below for more details.
Repair Fees
There are no fees for repairs related to accidental damage. The school determines if damage is accidental or not based on circumstances and investigation. Some factors that are taken into consideration during the investigation include the type of damage, history of breakages, and eyewitness testimonies.

If a Chromebook is damaged intentionally or damaged during misuse, then a repair fee will be applied by the school’s tech lead. The repair fee varies based on the type of damage. If a Chromebook is too damaged to be repaired (such water damage), then a replacement fee will be applied instead.

Damage includes physical damage, water damage, and cosmetic damage that requires (writing on the Chromebook).
Replacement Fees
If your child has lost their charger, case, or entire Chromebook, then they must pay a replacement fee. The fees for these are as follows:
  • Replacement Charger Fee: $40.00
  • Replacement Case Fee: $30.00
  • Replacement Chromebook Fee: $300.00
  • All Replacement Fee: $350.00
Chargers, cases, and Chromebooks MUST be supplied by Monroe County Schools! You cannot submit a replacement charger that was purchased from elsewhere, even if it looks like the same type of charger. Many charges have different voltages and specifications, and to ensure the safety of the student using the Chromebook, we require that all chargers be supplied by the Technology Department.

If your Chromebook has been stolen, then a police report must be filed and a copy must be given to the school within 30 days of the incident to avoid a replacement fee for the Chromebook. 
Outstanding Fees
The school’s tech lead will report all repair & replacement fees as they are submitted. If you are not sure if your student has an outstanding fee, you may reach out to the school to check.
A student cannot receive a Chromebook for the year until they have paid the year’s technology fee, and any outstanding fees they may have. A student will not receive a replacement charger or replacement Chromebook until they have paid the resulting fee. Fees roll over from one year to the next - if a student lost a charger, and never paid the replacement charger fee, then the following year they will not receive their Chromebook until they have paid for their replacement charger.
Fee Exemptions
Some students may also be eligible for a fee waiver based on economic circumstances. For more information regarding this, please reach out to the school’s tech lead. 
Monroe County Virtual School Fees
Students that are enrolled in the Monroe County Virtual School are specially exempt from the $35 technology fee. If a student pays the $35 fee while enrolled at another school, and then transfers to MCVS, then the fee cannot be refunded upon enrollment. If a student is enrolled at MCVS, and then transfers to another school, then they will be required to pay the technology fee. Repair and replacement fees still apply as usual.