Get Started On Your Beginning of the School Year Packet Now!

Would you like to go ahead and complete one of the beginning of the year forms for your student?  For the 2022-23 school year, we are offering the opportunity to complete the Student Data Form online.  At this time, this form is available for all RETURNING students in grades K-12 in 2022-23.  This includes freshmen who are moving into high school.  For new kindergarten students who registered in April, you will not have to complete this form.  If you complete this form online at the link below between today and July 24, 2022, you will not have to complete the paper data form in August.  Even cutting out one form helps!  If you do not have internet access, would prefer a paper form, or are unable to do the form, do not worry!  We will still have paper copies available in August.
At this time, this is only available for certain schools, but be on the lookout as all schools will be added in the next two weeks!  
For students who will be new to Monroe County Schools (in any grade), NEW student registration will be in July 2022.  You will do your forms on that date.
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