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Student Resources

How to access the Clever Single-Sign On Portal
Before using Clever on a computer or device at your home, please make sure to install the Clever browser extension.  This extension allows the Clever site to save usernames and passwords so that students do not need to enter them every time they login to a program.

Student Handbooks:

School Nutrition – Free & Reduced Applications, Guidelines, Menus, Prices:

Apply for Free & Reduced school meals online

Coordinated School Health – Enrollment, Release Forms, Schedules:

Information and forms  — such as enrollment packets, immunization requirements, release forms, nurse practitioner schedules, parent rights, and more — can all be found on the Coordinated School Health page.

Student Athletes & Parents:

Tennessee has passed the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act to increase awareness of sudden cardiac arrest. This law requires that all coaches, athletes, & parents must sign the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information Form before competing.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act