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School Closings & Delays

When Monroe County Schools close, many factors are considered. In addition to snow accumulations, we are sometimes forced to close school for freezing temperatures, flooding, and sickness. In the event that a closing is weather related, we monitor mountain areas and roads for snow, ice, or water, and continuously follow weather reports and updates. We receive EMA weather information, as well as reports from the National Weather Service in Morristown. It is sometimes necessary to run a snow route in the mountains if the conditions there are worse than the rest of the county. We always try to make our decision to delay or close as early as we can, making these announcements the day before, if at all possible. We announce our closings through phone calls to parents, local area news and radio stations, and through social media outlets. When making a decision to close schools, the safety of our students and employees are always our number one priority.