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Teachers & Staff
Monroe County Schools uses SSO (Single Sign On) to grant access to various websites and services using a single account. This means users only have to remember the username and password for one SSO Account, rather than remembering a different username and password for every individual website and service.

Teachers and staff use the Microsoft 365 platform for their SSO Accounts. We generally refer to these accounts as your "Monroe County Schools Account", but you might see "Sign in with SSO Account" or "Sign in with Microsoft" on certain websites.
Your Monroe County Schools Account is protected by Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This is very important for security, and prevents unauthorized users from accessing your account. MFA is set up when an account is logged into for the first time. 
When you log into a new device for the first time, you will be prompted to confirm this login via your MFA. This could be a code that is given to you automatically via phone, text, or application. The application is the fastest and most secure way to log in. Once you log in with MFA, you can select the option to remember a device for 90 days. This means that you will not be prompted for MFA on that device for three months unless a suspicious login is detected or your settings on that device are cleared.
If you've forgotten your Monroe County Schools Account password, please follow this link to use your MFA to reset your password securely: Reset my Monroe County Schools Account Password
If you cannot use the above link to reset your password, please use the following link to put in an account support ticket (please know that because this ticket does not require logging in, we will need to verify your identity before assisting with your account): Put in an IIQ Account Support Ticket
To log in and manage your sign-ins and your MFA, please use the following link: My Monroe County Schools Account
Students currently use the Google platform to log into their Chromebook, websites, and services. The Skyward platform is a separate username and password from student's Google accounts. All student accounts will be migrated to SSO Accounts using the Microsoft 365 platform in the future.

If you've forgotten your Google or Skyward password, or are having login issues, please contact the tech lead at your school.