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Specialty Teachers Graphic
Specialty Classes
Welcome to the TPES Specialty Classes page!  Here you will see who works in our specialty classrooms. 

Karen Bosket
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Gordon Kelley

Photo Unavailable GraphicPhoto Currently Unavailable
Ms. Karen Bosket
Art Teacher
Ms. Natalie Hackney
Mr. Gordon Kelley
Physical Education Teacher
Ms. Karen Kirkpatrick
Speech and Language Teacher
Andrea Leatherwood Adriana Mondone Sherry Shadden Charity Standridge
Ms. Andrea Leatherwood
Resource Teacher
Ms. Adriana Mondone
Music Teacher
Ms. Sherry Shadden
Computer Lab Assistant
Ms. Charity Standridge
Library Media Specialist
  Click here for Ms. Mondone's class webpage!   Click here for Ms. Standridge's class webpage!
Sharon Stone Laura Jones

Ms. Sharon Stone
CDC Teacher
Ms. Laura Jones
Reading Intervention Teacher
  Click here for Ms. Jones' class webpage.