Madisonville Intermediate School

is a

Title One School

What does this mean?


The Title I School builds a strong partnership between parents and the school on a regular basis.  The Title I school provides assistance to parents in understanding these topics:

·         State Academic Content Standards

·         State Student Achievement Standards

·         Student Curriculum

·         State and Local Academic Assessment and Monitoring

The Title I School has a responsibility to provide high-quality curriculum, instruction, and an effective learning environment that enables all children to meet the state's student academic achievement standards.  The parent-student-teacher compact has described ways in which each parent will be responsible for supporting their children's learning, such as monitoring attendance, homework completion, volunteering in the school and positive us of extra-curricular time.

The Title I School provides parents with opportunities for regular meetings if requested.  Regular meetings can be individual meetings with parent, teacher, principal, and counselor by phone or in person, and also group meetings with parents such as the school improvement team, Parent Advisory Board meetings, PTO, etc.

The Title I School gives frequent student progress reports to parents. Parents also must have frequent access to the staff, opportunities to serve on committees, and participate in their child's education.

Parents are invited to learn more about the available programs, educational opportunities, and co-curricular opportunities by visiting the school or contacting teachers or the principal at any time.


Monroe County Schools

Title I

Federal Programs Director - Dan Schlafer



    Title I is a part of the Elementary & Secondary Act (ESEA) originally passed by Congress in 1965 and is the largest source of federal aid to education in this nation.  Its purpose is to “improve academic achievement for disadvantaged students.”  Title I funds are totally federal - no county or state.  The latest reauthorization, the "No Child Left Behind Act of 2001," was signed into law by President Bush on January 8, 2002.


    The emphasis in the new law is still on improving reading and math skills - that is, students must make the gains as set by the State in these areas.  One change is that Title I staff must be better qualified to work with children.  The new law states that educational assistants must have the equivalent of two years of college or pass a test approved by the State.  At this time, we have 24 educational assistants countywide and seven reading specialists.


    Schools are eligible for Title I services based on the number of free and reduced lunch participants.  Currently, we have nine schools being served by Title I funding.  There are two types of programs in operation in these schools - targeted assistance and school wide.  In order to qualify for a school wide program, 40% of a school's students must be on free or reduced lunches.  All nine of the Monroe County Title I schools are school wide programs.  These schools are Coker Creek Elementary, Madisonville Intermediate, Madisonville Primary, Rural Vale Elementary, Sweetwater High School, Tellico Plains Elementary, Tellico Plains Junior High, Tellico Plains High School, and Vonore Elementary.  In these schools, no student or staff member is identified as “Title I."  Being school wide gives the schools more flexibility in the way Title I funds and personnel are used.


    Currently, Title I funds a Reading Program which is being implemented in seven schools.  Madisonville Intermediate School has a Math Program available for eligible students in addition to the Reading Program offered at their school.  The Reading Specialists and our Educational Assistants work in each school with students who have been identified as needing help with reading and/or math skills. 


    Any questions concerning the Title I program should be directed to your principal or any of the Title I personnel in the Monroe County Education Central Office (423-442-2373).