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*Any time there is doubt about which bus the child should be on, send them to the gym on the first bell.*


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Monroe County Schools Important Transportation Information

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide students with a quality education that will enable them to be a contributing member in a changing society.


We are dedicated to providing safe and dependable bus transportation for your child.  Safety is our highest priority.  School bus drivers are required to maintain training standards and procedures for operating the bus safely.  Students who ride the buses daily or on occasional field trips are also required to abide by rules of conduct that emphasize safety.  These rules and the disciplinary code that supports them are contained in this document.

Bus transportation provided by the Monroe County Board of Education is a privilege, not a right.  Time on the bus is considered to be an extension of the school day.  Therefore, just as we expect appropriate behavior in the classroom, we expect appropriate behavior on the bus.

Please discuss this information with your child. Your cooperation will help all of us work together to provide the safest environment possible for the students of Monroe County Schools.


Michael L. Lowry-Director

Notice:  Video and audio recording devices are used on Monroe County buses.


Follow These Bus Rules:

  1. Obey the bus driver; follow the driver's first request.

  2. The bus driver may assign seats.

  3. Do not eat or drink on the bus; keep the bus clean.

  4. Loud, rude, abusive, or profane language is not permitted.

  5. Possession and/or use of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs are prohibited in any form.

  6. Keep hands and head inside the bus.

  7. Remain seated.

  8. Never throw items inside the bus or out the windows.

  9. Keep the bus aisle clear of feet and property.

  10. For everyone's safety, do not distract the driver through misbehavior.

  11. Do not destroy property. Parents will be financially responsible for any act of vandalism. Students will remain suspended from riding the bus until damages are paid.

  12. Do not use emergency exits of bus unless authorized to do so.

Level I Violations:

  1. Failure to obey the driver

  2. Failure to remain seated on the bus

  3. Eating or drinking on the bus

  4. Loud, rude, or abusive behavior

  5. Profane language/obscene gestures

  6. Improper boarding/departing procedures

  7. Any behavior jeopardizing safety

Level II Violations:

  1. Third violation of Level I rules

  2. Tampering with bus equipment

  3. Fighting/pushing/tripping

  4. Destruction of property

  5. Possession and/or use of tobacco in any form

  6. Throwing objects in or out of the bus

  7. Profane language, obscene gestures

  8. Putting head or hands out the window

  9. Bringing articles aboard the bus of injurious or objectionable nature

Level III Violations:

  1. Third violation of Level II rules

  2. Physical assault/verbal threat directed to driver

  3. Possession and/or use of illegal substances

  4. Second violation of possession of tobacco in any form

  5. Possession of a weapon

  6. Use of chemical substances with intent to do harm

  7. Attempting to set fire to hair, clothes, or property

Consequences of Level I Violations May Be:

  1. Written reprimand/notification of parents

  2. Bus riding suspension (3-5 school days)

  3. Out of school suspension

Consequences of Level II Violations May Be:

  1. Bus riding suspension (Minimum of 10 school days)
  2. Bus riding suspension (Minimum of 20 school days for repeat occurrence of Level II Violation)
  3. Out of school suspension

Consequences of Level III Violations May Be:

  1. Bus riding suspension (Minimum 30-Maximum 180 school days)
  2. Out of school suspension
  3. Action by the Board of Education (up to and including expulsion)
  4. Appropriate legal action

Bus drivers will make a written report of violations to the Principal or his/her designee. The Principal (or designee) will investigate and determine appropriate consequences. Only the Principal (or designee) may reduce or suspend a student's bus riding privilege.


Student Responsibilities

  1. Always cross the street in front of the bus. Never go behind the bus.
  2. If crossing a road or street is necessary when boarding or departing the bus, wait for the bus driver's signal before crossing.
  3. Stay 10 feet in front of the bus when crossing.
  4. Never crawl under the bus to pick up papers or other items.
  5. Arrive at the bus stop abut 5 minutes early.
  6. Stay out of the road at bus stops.
  7. Help protect the property where stops are located.
  8. Never get in a car with a stranger.
  9. Report any inappropriate behavior on the bus or near a stop to the driver and Principal.
  10. Stay silent when the bus stops at a railroad crossing.
  11. Obtain and official Bus Pass from the Principal's office if you wish to ride a bus other than the one you normally ride or get off the bus at a different stop.
  12. Be courteous to the driver.

Parent Responsibilities

  1. Review bus rules and conduct expectations with your child.
  2. Instruct child to be 5 minutes early to the bus stop.
  3. Monitor conduct and safety of your child before the bus arrives each morning.
  4. Monitor conduct and safety of your child after the bus departs each afternoon.
  5. If necessary, go over the route your child is to take between home and bus stop.
  6. Encourage appropriate dress for inclement weather.
  7. Provide a note to the Principal's office to obtain an official Bus Pass if you wish your child to ride a different bus or get off at a different stop.
  8. Be courteous to the driver.

Bus Driver Responsibilities

  1. Operate the bus safely.
  2. Arrive at the bus stop no sooner than 5 minutes before or 5 minutes after designated time.
  3. Remind students of safety and conduct expectations.
  4. Be considerate of other vehicles.
  5. Do no allow unauthorized people on the bus.
  6. Report any suspicious activity or individuals near bus stops.
  7. Report any misconduct or safety violations to the Principal (or designee).
  8. Maintain appropriate operation of the bus video camera surveillance system.
  9. Be courteous to students, parents, and school personnel.

School Closings

In the event of inclement weather or other emergencies, we will notify local and regional television and radio stations with information regarding modified school schedules or closings. Every effort will be made to make these announcements in a timely manner.


Please report any concerns involving your child and the school bus to the Principal of your child's school.


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