Library Rules

  • Enter the library quietly and take a seat quickly.  Mrs. Duncan will let you know when it is time to return your library book and begin looking for a new book to check out.  You always need to use a shelf marker while searching for a book.  They are available at the circulation desk.


  • Do not re-shelve the books (put books back on the shelves).  Please give them to Mrs. Duncan or leave them on the tables after you have taken them off of the shelves.  DO NOT put them in the book return slot at the circulation desk or on a library book cart without scanning their barcode!


  • The library is a QUIET area to study and/or read. Please keep the noise down to a whisper. Be courteous.


  • NO FOOD OR DRINK (including water) IN THE LIBRARY! This means everyone!


  • There are 6 computers for taking AR quizzes.  If you need to use the computers for other reasons such as word processing and/or research, you must ask permission from Mrs. Duncan.


  • Do not rearrange the chairs or sit on the tables. One student per seat.


  • No games, running, or rough play in the library.


  • If you come in to turn in a library book and there is no one at the circulation desk to allow you to scan the barcode of your book, come back later or lay the book on Mrs. Duncan's computer desk.   Do not put it in the book return slot or on the library book cart unless it has been scanned!

Remember, Be Productive and Allow Others to be Productive in the Library.

When you are finished using the Library, please clean up any trash, put magazines back on the rack, I Spy books back on their shelf, and push in your chair.

Thank You,                       

Mrs. Duncan                      

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