5th Grade Resources


Book Connections
Main Idea Mini Lesson
Mystery Cases
Read the mystery and solve the case!
Because of Winn Dixie
by Kate DiCamillo
Comprehension Stories
Nelson, Tough Guy
The Field Trip 
The Amusement Park
Captain Rivera's Flight
Mission Santa Barbara 

Basketball Practice
Rules of Ping Pong
The Trojan Horse 
The Terrible Flight
Jury Duty

The Poem Creator
A Dog's Life
by Ann M. Martin
Main Idea
8 interactive stories


The Story Creator
On the Run
by Gordon Korman
Recreating the Story I 
2 stories for comprehension, summarizing
Poetry Pig
by Louis Sachar
Recreating the Story II 
6 stories for comprehension, summarizing
Comic Creator
up to 6 panels
by Carl Hiaasen
Author's Purpose
determine the author's purpose in short paragraphs
Giggle Poetry
collection of poems, lesson on writing poems, fill in the blank poems, and poetry theater
The Underland Chronicles
by Suzanne Collins
Professor Garfield
place comic strips in the correct sequence w/ questions
Theme Poems

Poems created inside a shaped object.
Read, Write, Think Site
True Flix Books

Non fiction eBooks 
For site username and password, 
see Teacher Librarian.
English Works - Reading Exercises
main idea, details, inference, vocabulary
Poetry Engine


Tumble Readables
must search for levels; read online




Grammar Context/
Grammar +
Practice Spelling
enter your spelling list and then do the activities
Punctuate Sentences
Note: country differences (ex.pounds)

Grammar Gold
sentence end marks

Word Jungle 
choose the word for the meaning
Wall of Words
Build sentences in the correct order
The Biography Maker
steps to writing a biography
Plurals Quiz
Power Proofreading
correct the sentences
Parts of Speech
click on the specific part of speech

Grammar Gold
proper nouns

Word Meaning I
in context

Word Meaning II
in context

Sentence Clubhouse
statement, question, command, exclamation
Create silly stories 
Capitalization & Punctuation
Proofreading Makes Perfect
Grammar Blast
Choose grade level: nouns, verbs

Capitalization Editing
edit the sentences with correct caps

Jelly Fish Game
Input the correct prefix, base, and suffix
Sentence Sort
The Letter Generator
learn parts of a letter and write one
choose level
Placee commas where needed
Punctuate Sentences
Note: country differences (ex.pounds)

Analogy Challenge
Select the best answer to the analogy

School of Fish
Input the correct plural form of the word

Sly Pig
Input the correct scrambled word for the definition

Story Starter Machine
a machine that builds a story based on spinning for a concept formats: notebook, letter, newsletter, or postcard (printable)
Wacky Web Tales
creating madlibs
Spell Check
choose level
  Make Pairs
Future City Game
Categorize a list of words
Rhyme Zone
find rhyming words
Spelling City
  Word Confusion
select the correct synonym

Grammar Gorilla
nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions

Cows Context Clues
Select the best grouping based on clues
Bitesize Writing +
argument, comment, factual, story beginning and ending, planning
Magnetic Letter Board
drag letters to practice spelling words
  Bitesize Grammar +
adjectives, adverbs, sentences, structure, punctuation, spelling
Antonym Challenge
Select the best answer to the antonym
  Idiom Zone
all about idioms
Toon University:

3 levels
  Blast the Verbs
choose the correct tense

Synonym Challenge Game

    Story Elements: Characters
select a character and type story on computer screen, then print
Dino Hunter
Dictionary Guide Words
  The Plural Girls

Field Trip Adventure
Unscramble the synonyms

    Story Elements: Settings 
select a setting and type story on computer screen, then print

Cononut Vowels


Word Frog
Antonyms, Synonyms, homonyms


Word Clouds

Wordle - Word Clouds


Super Word Toss
synonyms and antonyms


Ice Cream Talk
nouns and verbs


Type a Friendly Letter

learn the 5 parts of a friendly letter


Word Invasion

parts of speech


Must Pop Words

practice vocabulary


Spelling Practice with Dolch Site Words
choose grade level




+ - x /
+ - x /
Place Value

Apple Basket Multiplication 
select problems thru 9s

Multiplication Flash Cards
choose the highest number for the problems
Shape Surveyor
determine the perimeter and area of shapes
Money Count
drag coins for a specific amount (p,n,d,q)
Apple Basket Division 
select problems thru 9s
Division Flash Cards
choose the highest number for the problems
Bathroom Tiles 
help Pythagoras - rotate, reflect, translate
Lake Mathatobie
fishing with subtraction

Lake Mathatobie
fishing with division

Multiplication Hidden Number
choose the highest number for the problems
Baseball Geometry
angles: measure, classify
lines, triangles, symmetry, polygons
Place Value Puzzler
choose the level

Grid Game
factors, multiples, powers, prime and triangular numbers

Puzzle Mint
Game of State Quarters
Batter's Up Baseball

Snork's Long Division
fill in the numbers for the process

Division Hidden Number
choose the highest number for the problems
Place the Penguin
choose 1s, 10s, 100s

Rounding Off
to nearest significant number

Quarter Explorer

Math Flashcards
choose an operation (+ - x /) and a level (1-7)

Mystery Picture Division 
note: colon represents division
Builder Ted
place bricks in numerical order
Hip Pocket Change
variety of activities
Additon Hidden Picture
Subtraction Hidden Picture
A+ Math
x Hidden Picture
x Concentration
Geometry Quiz
shapes, lines
Grid Game
factors, multiples, powers, prime and triangular numbers
Keep the Change 
Challenge word problems
+ Matho
Bingo game
A+ Math
Planet Blaster
- + - x /
Squaratic Challenge
move shapes to form a larger design
Place Value Pirates
search for treasure by capturing pirates
Tick Tock Clock
digital to analog
analog to digital

matches the time between clocks

Math Fact Cafe   I Took a Trip on a Train
sequence pictures by perspective
Toon University
Prime Factorization 3 levels
Toon University
Drop coins to a value
Math Magician Games
practice +, -, x, /
  Geometric Shape Flashcards    
    Plots, Plans and Silhouettes
perspective activity


Rounding Measurement
Problem Solving
General Math Concepts

Fraction Frenzy

Rounding Puzzler
choose the level

Bitesize Math: Shape, Space and Measures
angles, grids, shapes, measures, transformation
Bitesize Math: Handling Data
interpreting data, mode, median, and mean, probablility
Late Delivery 
expression value 

Equation Match
solve value
Hooda Math Tutorials
Tutorials on Math Concepts
Who Wants Pizza?
A step lesson on fractions
Rounding Off
to nearest significant number
Animal Weigh-in
compare standard/metric
Create a Graph
choose graph and build
Planet Hop
coordinate grid/equations
Hooda Math Movies
Movies on Math Concepts
Measure It I
use an online ruler to measure lines (to 1/4 inch)

Measure It II
use an online ruler to measure lines (to 1/8 inch)

Bitesize Math: Numbers
addition, subtraction, decimals, mental math, multiplication, patterns, %, problem solving
Hooda Math Games
Games for Most all Math Concepts

What's the Point?
determine the point on a coordinate plane

Math Libs

Math Playground


Hidden Craft
grid coordinates
Set Game
logic puzzles - fun!
Math is Fun!
Review activities and games.
      Train Race
mean, median, range
EduPlace IXL Math Practice 
5th Grade

variety of concepts


      Fish Tank
      Reading Bar Graphs    



Reference Sites
Health & Nutrition
Other Topics
Other Topics

The Weather Channel

Virtual Acquarium
FOSS choose activity in left frame
Aerial Photography Jigsaw Puzzle
FOSS choose activity in left frame
Blasto the subhuman cannonball 
FOSS choose activity in left frame
Reading for Information 
Topic: Planets
Blast Off
select foods and activity to fuel tank
The Great Green Web Game
going green in households
Bitesize Science: Physical Processes
circuits, sounds, earth, sun, moon, force, light/dark
NC KidScience      
Michael, Michael, Go Recycle!
pick up litter in a park
Bitesize Science: Materials
state, materials, gases, liquids, solids, rocks
National Geographic Kids        

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet
The best place for science entertainment

Bitesize Science: Living Things
food chains, plants, health, life cysles, teeth
Metric Conversion Table        

Animal Bytes- SanDiego Zoo


Social Studies

Reference Sites
United States Information
The 50 States
Research Project Sites

Time for Kids


identify continents, countries, states 

Civil War Projects
flag 2flag 1
The Fifty States
capitals, governor, flag, bird, flower
Puzzle Mint
Game of State Quarters
Oregon Trail/Pioneers
Fifty States and Fifty Fun Facts
a fun fact for each state
USA Jigsaw Maps
5 levels 
Mayflower History
Pilgrims, Plymouth, Voyage
State of Iowa Kids Page
Locate Each State
Find a biography on a person

Biographies of the Presidents

Stately Knowledge
Interactive United States Map
interactive map activities
Place the State 
choose title from list
Puzzled States
DesMoines Register Online 
A Username and password is required; see Classroom Teacher or Teacher Librarian.
  50 States Galore!
choose level, content for capitals, states, landforms



Fearless Freida 
Keyboard short words
Computer Circus 
online keyboarding lessons
Typing Bubbles
choose the set of keys to type and pop the bubbles
KeyMan Typing
type the keys and 'eat' the critters
Keyboard Questions
When was the first keyboard made?
Why are the letters in a specific order?
Peter's Online Typing Course
Practice typing through Peter's Lessons and Typing Exercises
Typing Practice! 
lessons and a custom mode to enter your own words to practice
Dance Mat Typing
Four levels of lessons, with a lively character
Worksheets that match the lessons are available
Typing Test
take typing tests to find out what your words per minute speed

Cup Stacking Keyboarding

Alpha Munchies Keyboarding

Keyboarding Challenge

MAP RIT Content Sites

newMath Review - 
Based on MAP Rit Math Score
newReading Review - 
Based on MAP Rit Reading Score


Explore More!!

Weekly Reader Kid Sites Kids Know It! Movies
choose a movie and complete the quiz
Fun Brain Free Rice
Correct vocabulary words, reward is rice donations!

Peanuts Cartoons


Free Flour
Correct geography questions, reward is flour donations!
Fifty States Hangman Fun School Kaboose
I Know That
Test your content knowledge
Make puzzles from vocabulary words!
Brain Boosters Hangman
choose a hangman topic
Set Game
Logic and strategy games
Crowns, Quiddler, Jurassic Jumble
EduPlace Kids
Reading, language arts, math, science, social studies & spelling activities
Professor Garfield's Scholar Shop
Music Bot, Comics Lab, Art Bot, G cubed, The Reading Ring
Factmonster Math
a variety of math concepts to explore
Order in the Library
Learn about library organization - sorting, shelfing and ordering
Armored Penguin
create puzzles - word search, cross word, matching, word scramble, math problems
brain teasers, puzzles, quizzes and free online games