Bus Duty Guidelines for Teachers



  1. Bus duty starts at 6:30 a.m., real time.  No students shall be allowed to be dropped off before 6:30 a.m.
  2. Seat students in bleachers and floor by grade level and gender. Third grade boys on floor front half of gym, girls on back half. Fourth grade on right side of gym, boys front, girls back. Fifth grade on left side of gym, boys front, girls back.
  3. First group of students to breakfast go at 7:00 a.m. school time, all three grade levels. As other students come in, they go on to breakfast on their own.
  4. No students should be up on the floor unless they are leaving to go to or returning from breakfast.
  5. Students need to ask permission to go to the bathroom.  Send no more than one girl and one boy at a time.  Others can line up at the stage to wait for their turn. 
  6. Nothing out of backpacks except for homework or reading materials. 
  7. Stay seated in gym until bell rings. Bell will ring at 7:45(school time) 7:50(real time). Dismiss students in this order: 3rd grade boys, girls; 4th grade boys, girls; 5th grade girls, boys.
  8. No food, candy, gum, drinks (other than water), or toys out during bus duty.
  9. Lunches need to stay put away or on the stage.
  10. Students usually enjoy watching TV (channels 54 Disney, 55 Nickelodeon, and 56 Cartoon Network) as they arrive in the mornings.


  1. Seat students on the floor in columns behind their bus lines, beginning with bus 1 to the left side of the stage, continuing across the gym toward the right side with bus 12 being the last bus line.  Students should sit in straight rows facing the stage.  Exceptions: Students with injuries or disabilities can sit on bleachers and sometimes girls who wear dresses will ask to sit on the bleachers-separated.
  2. Turn on the TV for cartoons.  Channels 54 Disney, 55 Nickelodeon and 56 Cartoon Network are their favorite channels.
  3. Students should use the bathroom or get a drink before coming to the gym. If they must go, send one at a time, no one leaves the gym after 3:30 due to the possibility of missing their bus while in the bathroom.
  4. No food, candy, gum, drinks (except water) or toys are allowed out during bus duty.
  5. Bus watchers need to stand inside gym doors and no more than 2 bus watchers at a time.
  6. All parents must sign out their child if picked up in the gym.  Sign-outs will be at the front entrance of the school between 3:15 and 3:30. After that they will be sent to the gym to wait to be picked up and they should bring the sign-out notebook with them.
  7. Use infraction sheets and leave extras in the clipboard or notebook. Take the ones you wrote and give to teachers or to Mrs. Moser the next day.
  8. All faculty/staff children need to be sitting in a designated area and not up playing in the gym.
  9. Return any notebook/clipboard left in the gym to the office at the end of bus duty.